Google Apps Email

Many of our clients use Google’s free (and paid) Apps for Business for email (also known as Hosted Gmail), calendars, document sharing and more. Below is a quick tutorial showing how to add a new email address to this system. Login to Google Apps by going to Click the Organization & Users tab Click… Read more »

WordPress Hosting Suggestions

WordPress Hosting

At Creative Slice we love working with WordPress and we’ve had the chance to help clients setup their new sites with a number of web hosts since we opened our doors in 2003. We felt would be beneficial to go over a quick list of our experiences and offer our opinion on the matter of… Read more »

Green Website Design Presentation

Green Website Design

The topic of being green/sustainable/eco-friendly is something we think about often at Creative Slice as we try to lessen our impact on the environment. We’ve found many of our clients share this desire to be conscious of the environment and over the past 3 years even mainstream corporations have been shifting to a more green… Read more »

Using the AdRotate plugin

The AdRotate WordPress plugin gives a clean and flexible way to rotate ads or other content on your site.  Multiple banners may be added and shown in groups throughout the site. Creating Banners In the Admin area under the AdRotate menu select “Add/Edit Banner” (If this plugin has already been setup you may have other… Read more »

Copying Content from Word

Microsoft Word (and other desktop publishing apps) often embed their own styles into documents.  When content is copy/pasted into WordPress these styles are also copied and will cause problems when viewing online. Option 1 (plain text editor) Copy the text first into a plain text editor like NotePad or TextEdit. Select All and Copy the… Read more »

Using the NextGEN Gallery plugin

The NextGEN Gallery plugin adds powerful image gallery functionality to WordPress.  Users may upload images to be shown (via slideshow or thumbnail images) in a gallery which may be placed on any page or post. It also allows the creation of Albums which are made of multiple Galleries. How to create a new Gallery and… Read more »

Editing WordPress Pages & Posts

You can easily edit any Post or Page in a number of ways. Revisions are saved automatically after every change and may be easily reverted back to if you make a mistake. Editing Pages & Posts from the admin area From the admin area you can see all pages and posts by selecting Edit under… Read more »

WordPress Images & Media

Images and other media may be easily added to any post or page within WordPress. How to add images From inside of the edit screen for a Post or Page use the Upload/Insert image icon above the menu bar to open the image browser. A window will pop up.  From here you may either choose an… Read more »

Adding WordPress Pages

Pages are the foundation of your website and contain all of the content outside of the Blog or News area. How to create a new page: Go to the Pages tab and choose Add New Type in the Title and Page content.  You can format the content (bold, italic, list items, etc.) by using the… Read more »

Adding WordPress Posts

Posts are generally used to publish News items and often the most recent 3-5 posts are shown on the homepage .  If your site has a blog, posts are the foundation of this blog and visitors may add comments which will show up (after approval) on the bottom of the page. How to create a… Read more »

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