WordPress HostingAt Creative Slice we love working with WordPress and we’ve had the chance to help clients setup their new sites with a number of web hosts since we opened our doors in 2003. We felt would be beneficial to go over a quick list of our experiences and offer our opinion on the matter of WordPress hosting.

The Great 🙂

WP Engine They ONLY host WordPress sites and do a great job of it. This is the host to go with if you are looking for the fastest possible WordPress website.

The Good

  • AISO.net A solar powered (100% with panels on their roof) hosting company. They charge a bit more due to power costs, however we’ve found their service to be great and many of our green clients choose to host with them.
  • Laughing Squid – A small host out of San Francisco costing $6/month and offering really good and fast service. We’ve been recommending them for most of our clients over the past few months and the service has been phenomenal.
  • DreamHost – They offer a huge variety of hosting packages which work well for just about every site. They also have some Green practices which are noteworthy.
  • BlueHost (affiliate link) – They offer up to 100 sites hosted for one low price and we’ve found them to be well optimized for WordPress. However BlueHost has been having some trouble lately and it will be interesting to see if they can become a stable host once again.

The Bad 🙁

  • Eapps – This was our host of choice 5 years ago, however they’ve migrated all small sites to old servers and the lag time is easily noticeable.
  • GoDaddy – The GoDaddy servers are simply too crowded and we’ve found WordPress will regularly take between 10 and 60 seconds just to load a simple page.
  • Network Solutions – They have overcrowded slow servers and do not offer .htaccess rewriting which drastically limits what you can do with a WordPress website.
  • Media Temple – We’ve had a number of security problems with (mt) sites getting hacked through their database and do not consider them to be stable or fast enough to host a live website.
  • Yahoo – Read our previous post about Yahoo Hosting and WordPress here and stay away.

This is by no means an exclusive list and only covers our recent experience with clients we’ve worked with. If you have other WordPress hosts you’d like to recommend please leave a comment below.

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