Posts are generally used to publish News items and often the most recent 3-5 posts are shown on the homepage .  If your site has a blog, posts are the foundation of this blog and visitors may add comments which will show up (after approval) on the bottom of the page.

How to create a news post:

  1. Go to the Posts tab and choose Add New
  2. Type in the Title and Post content.  You can format the content (bold, italic, list items, etc.) by using the menu bar above the post just as you would in any word processing program.
  3. Use the Upload/Insert icons above the menu bar to add images or other media (pdf, docs, etc.) as needed and insert them into the post.
  4. Choose a Categories for this post to reside in.
  5. On the right box push the Save Draft button to save the post for later editing, or the Publish button to make the post live.

Optional Items

  • Add Tags as desired (Tags are a simple way for users to find other similarly tagged posts)
  • You may add an optional Excerpt.  This should be a summary of the post and will be shown when a shortened version of the post is needed.  If no Excerpt is entered here, the first 55 words/code of the post will be used.
  • You can modify the date this post was published under the Publish box.  Simply click Edit next to the Publish on: date and modify it.  Future dates may be used causing the post to be published on that date.
  • The All in One SEO plugin & Platinum SEO plugin  both let you add information for search engines.  This Title, Description and Keywords will replace the default information for this post.

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