The AdRotate WordPress plugin gives a clean and flexible way to rotate ads or other content on your site.  Multiple banners may be added and shown in groups throughout the site.

Creating Banners

  1. In the Admin area under the AdRotate menu select “Add/Edit Banner” (If this plugin has already been setup you may have other example ads already setup under AdRotate > Manage Banners)
  2. If you have the code already for you add you can paste it in the Code box, add a title and edit the display information below.

If you need to upload your own image for a banner you’ll need to make sure the images are formatted in the correct size

  1. In the Admin area under Media select “Add New” and upload the ad image you’ll be using and “Save all changes”
  2. Go back to the AdRotate menu and select “Add/Edit Banner”
  3. Type in your Banner title and use this code sample:
    <a href=”%link%” rel=”nofollow”><img src=”%image%” width=”180″ height=”150″/></a>
    You can also type text in this box if you’d like it to show up in the ad space.
  4. Find the Banner image you’ve uploaded and type in the URL you’d like this image to link to.
  5. Select the Group you’d like this ad to show up in and press the Save banner button.

Creating Groups (this may already be done if this plugin has been integrated to your theme)

  1. In the Admin area under the AdRotate menu select “Manage Groups.  (If this plugin has already been setup you’ll see a list of groups here which banners may be added to).
  2. Under “Create a new group” type in your group name and decide whether you want to use fallback banners from another group if no banners are active in this group.
  3. To show this group on your site you can either use the AdRotate Widget (Under Appearance > Widgets) or use this simple PHP code, using the ID of the group you’d like to show: echo adrotate_banner(‘1’);

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