You can easily edit any Post or Page in a number of ways. Revisions are saved automatically after every change and may be easily reverted back to if you make a mistake.

Editing Pages & Posts from the admin area

  1. From the admin area you can see all pages and posts by selecting Edit under the appropriate menu.
  2. From the Edit menu you can either click the name of the Page or Post to go to the editing area or select Quick Edit under each entry to make quick updates.

Editing Pages & Posts from the front end

If you are logged into the admin area and then go back to view the site you will see an “edit this entry” link at the bottom of each post or page.  Click this link to go directly to the editing area for that specific page or post.

Page Order

We often install the My Page Order plugin which allows for easy re-ordering of pages.  To modify the order in which your pages show up in menus simple go to Pages and Edit Page Order.  From there you can drag pages around to order them as needed.

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