Page Order plugin

My Page Order is a useful WordPress plugin which allows you to easily change the order of pages and sub-pages. Download the My Page Order plugin here

Clean Archives plugin

The Clean Archives plugin creates a simple archive page which shows past WordPress posts by date. Download the Clean Archives plugin here

WP-PostRatings plugin

The WP-PostRatings plugin allows visitors to easily rate WordPress posts by clicking on stars. You can download the WP-PostRatings plugin here

WP-Polls plugin

The WP-Polls plugin gives you the ability to add (and style) polls to any part of a WordPress site. The admin page is intuitive and allows for multiple polls as well as easy result tracking. To find out more about the WP-Polls plugin please go here >>

Event Calendar plugin

The Event Calendar plugin adds future event listing capabilities to WordPress. To learn more about this plugin please visit the Event Calendar page here >>

Breadcrumb Navigation XT plugin

The Breadcrumb Navigation plugin adds breadcrumbs to a specified area of a WordPress website. This helps visitors see exactly where they are on the site. To learn more and download the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin please go here >>

Improved Include Page plugin

The Include Page plugin allows you to include the content of a page into a WordPress template. This especially useful if you want to show special information on your homepage which needs to be styled differently than the main content. To find out more about the Improved Include Page plugin please go here >>

Weather Icon plugin

The wp-weather WordPress plugin allows you to easily show current weather information for just about anywhere in the world with a weather station. With a bit of customization you can show icons (even custom ones) for different weather conditions as well as show multiple locations.

Random Quote plugin

There are quite a few Random Quote plugins which have a nice admin page for simple management of quotes. These quotes may be placed anywhere on a WP site and styled using CSS. You can download our favorite Quotes Collection plugin here >> Stray Random Quotes is another very good option

Search Everything plugin

The Search Everything WordPress Plugin expands the default WP search (which only searches posts). This simple plugin adds an options page where you can control which items may be searched: Pages, Posts, Comments, Drafts, Custom Fields, and Attachments. You can read more about the Search Everything plugin here >> We also recommend the Search Unleashed… Read more »

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