Strategize, organize, and collaborate with our team. We’re looking for a confident communicator familiar with leading and launching high quality websites for great organizations. This is a flexible, remote contract position within our multidisciplinary project team. Producers are hybrid project managers who also build out pages using our customized WordPress CMS content blocks. People who succeed in this role are reliable proactive doers with an attuned attention to detail.

Job responsibilities

  1. Content integration and documentation. You’ll oversee and execute on content collection and population within WordPress. Along the way you’ll document our custom built solution for each project.
  2. Organize all the things. Meetings, tasks, agendas, schedules, notes, and tools can easily get scattered or outdated. You’ll organize feedback and refine processes to make our work clear and achievable.
  3. Be the heartbeat of our projects. Ensure that everyone is at their best and knows what they need to do to keep the project humming. Think through problems, prioritize work, anticipate risks, and clarify details. You’ll shape an environment where smart people can do amazing work and maximize productivity.
  4. Provide an amazing client experience. We believe every member of the team is responsible for communicating openly and kindly with clients. You’ll lead this effort: encouraging direct conversations between experts, clarifying details, and making tough decisions feel easy.
  5. Watch for risks and opportunities. You’ll keep a steady eye on the long-term schedule, the big strategic ideas, and what might be coming down the road – but you’ll also be zooming into the tiny details that affect the day-to-day of making great websites.

A producer’s average day might include these activities

  • Running a daily stand-up, or weekly meeting, and writing a progress report
  • Updating or adding content to a staging website and sharing for client review
  • Planning out a roadmap for a project a few sprints down the road
  • Facilitating a retrospective about a completed project
  • Checking in on active projects tasks with designers and developers
  • Test driving a new feature before it’s deployed

More about you

  • You’re autonomous. You see problems and get to work solving them. You’re comfortable trying things you’ve never tried before. You take responsibility for the success of the work you do.
  • You’re reliable and detail-oriented. You’re a process nerd. You love systems. You pay attention to specifics and don’t let details slip through the cracks. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize between them.
  • You have experience and opinions about how to tackle creative work. No matter your background, you’re willing to learn and follow the Creative Slice way of doing things, while also offering suggestions to improve our processes.
  • You’re empathetic and comfortable addressing conflict. You challenge directly and care personally. You know how to frame a difficult situation to avoid misunderstanding, name problems, and move toward a solution. You bring optimism, clarity, and calm.
  • You love great design and engineering work. Ideally, you’ve done some yourself. You’re interested in performance and typography. You love great digital work. You understand the broad strokes of code, allowing you to translate complex technical language into simple terms.
  • You’re a great writer and editor. You catch copy mistakes. You can summarize complex conversations in a few clear sentences. You can help others express their own thinking. The team can feel confident that you’ve got their back. If you’ve seen it and approve, it’s probably good to go.

More about Creative Slice

  • Founded in 2003, Creative Slice is proud to call Tucson home. We work on digital projects (mostly WordPress) with great organizations throughout North America.
  • We care deeply about building websites the right way for our clients. From intuitive design to flexible admin-friendly development, the websites we build evolve with our clients, improving over time.
  • We work for a mix of corporate clients and non-profit organizations through the United States and Canada. Current clients include Tricon Residential, Taco Bell Foundation, Reid Park Zoo, and Mister Car Wash.
  • Our teams are small, multidisciplinary, and autonomous. We make each other better by collectively owning our projects’ success.
  • Our project management process is handled through ClickUp and continuously evolving.

This is an opportunity to learn how we build websites “the right way” and be part of multiple website builds from start to finish.


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