We love Tucson and do our part by working with great local organizations—like Tucson Botanical Gardens—to reflect their very best online.


Meeting Agenda

01. Team
02. Recommendations
03. WordPress +
04. Proposal & Questions


01. Team

The Creative Slice + Tucson Botanical Gardens project team:

Tim Bowen

Tim Bowen

Principal + Creative Director
Tucson, Arizona

Alex Parisi

Tucson, Arizona

Sam DeVore

Tucson, Arizona

Ian Johnson

Tucson, Arizona

Additional Talent

Meredith Moon
Content Manager
Marion, Indiana

Jake Snyder
Chicago, Illinois

Jeremy Englert
Accessibility Expert
Tucson, Arizona



02. Recommendations

Highlights, features and examples for the next TucsonBotanical.org:

Emphasize Beautiful Visuals
Video vignettes and photo tagging system.

Following a consistent design system.

Educational Resource Library

Knowledge base for Members, Volunteers, Teachers and Families.

Events, Exhibits & Landing Pages

Structured like a museum, with unique styles and layouts.

Highlight Rental Opportunities




03. WordPress +

Customized patterns, blocks, colors, icons to match the Tucson Botanical Gardens brand.

+ Third parties
Altru Blackbaud, Volgistics, AuthorizeNET, MailChimp, Hubspot?



04. Proposal & Questions

Creative Slice + Tucson Botanical Gardens Proposal
Fixed-bid, no change orders or price adjustments, ever.

We believe websites should be built to last, and improve with use.


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