Social Media Programs

Creative Slice collaborates with Trumpet Social Media to create social media marketing programs that will build your brand, increase your online presence, and drive new customers your way through robust social engagement, networking, and marketing. Through vigorous campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, new systems of building new customers and revenue streams are structured to evolve and stimulate business.

A typical social media program begins with a client’s business/marketing assessment and the establishment of goals to be accomplished through social media. Along with Creative Slice, Trumpet Social Media develops a fast-track social media marketing plan for your business. Directed by experienced business marketer Carol Blomstrand, Trumpet Social Media offers a strategy-to-launch system based on latest high-performance techniques and specific marketplace needs.

Our Social Media Process

  1. Objectives Meeting for Client’s Social Media Marketing Program
  2. Audit of Client’s Existing Marketing Strategy and Plan
  3. Social Media Competitive Survey
  4. Social Brand Roadmap Developed; Analyzed for Social Media Opportunities
  5. Create Social Media Brand Look
  6. Analysis of Brand Competition/Point of Difference relative to Social Media opportunities.
  7. Brand Messaging and Content Creation developed for Twitter and Facebook campaigns.
  8. Fully-developed Social Media Program and Integration into website functionality.
  9. Social Media Impact Measurement
  10. Annual Audit of Social Media Status in client meeting with Creative Slice and Trumpet Social Media.

Options for Maintenance of Social Media programs include

  • Trumpet Social Media executes and continues to control the Social Media program.
  • Client controls and maintains Social Media Program, after Trumpet Social Media completes initial development.
  • Combination system: Trumpet Social Media writes marketing messages and sends them to client for client control/upload to Twitter, etc.
  • Transition / Coaching system: Trumpet Social Media will train client employees to write, upload, and maintain their social media sites.

Costs (a la carte)

(Range for small companies $1,800 – $5,000. All services are also available at our standard $150/hr rate.)

  • Initial Analysis and Recommendations Including Scope and Social Media Marketing Needs and Goals, specifically detailed in 15-page document.
    $900 – $1200
  • Twitter site development.
    $600 – $900
  • Facebook site development.
    $300 – $1,200
  • Retainer for Maintenance Control of Social Media Sites
    $500 – $1,200 / month
  • E-Mailings Program (Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact).
    $600 initial set-up, $200 – $500 for each mailing
  • E-mailing training (E-blast alerts and selling) includes: Email data base growth plan, graphic branding system, text and training session on chosen system.
  • 20-Page How-To Manual