Search Engine Optimization & Marketing


Our goal is to be transparent about our methods and keep SEO from feeling like a shady industry dominated by snake oil selling conmen. Websites we create have the best SEO practices baked right into the code, however it’s important to create the content with search engines in mind. It helps to know the ins and outs of how search engines work. Google has put together a Search Optimization Starter Kit (PDF) which we’ve found extremely useful in educating website owners about the basics of SEO.

In our opinion the most important 4 items for SEO are:

  1. Update and create new content often
  2. Customize Page Titles, Tags & Descriptions for each page
  3. Post regular updates to social media accounts to broaden reach
  4. Automated XML Sitemap

Beyond basic site optimization, accounts on these sites should be standard:

Optional tools we use as necessary:

SEO Checking Tools:

Social Media Optimization