Branding Identity & Logo Design

Creative Slice specializes in innovative design that effectively conveys your image and goals. Each identity we create turns words and concepts into designs that capture the spirit of a company, the clarity of a brand, the purpose of an organization, or the passions of an individual.

Our branding system involves a five step process to develop the best solutions possible. Through research, brainstorming and ideation (using image boards and competitive analysis) we are able to clarify the essence of the brand. We then create concepts which portray this brand in a clear and concise manner, taking into account both logic and aesthetics. Finally, we implement the designs that have been created and follow through with printers and/or hosting providers to ensure a professional finish.

Our 5 Step Branding Process

  1. Immersion
    We begin with an initial meeting to understand the purpose and expectations of the project. Afterwards, we immerse ourselves in the materials, performing research to develop a strong base of knowledge which will help us clearly bring forth the character of the brand.
  2. Brainstorming
    We hold brainstorming sessions with both the client and the Creative Slice team working on each project. During these sessions we explore and solve possibilities for the brand, creating image boards and target market analysis to help visualize the opportunity. This experience is applicable to everything from business identity to websites to product design, and can mean the difference between success and failure. Chance favors the prepared mind and through controlled brainstorming we set the groundwork for a successful solution.
  3. Ideation
    During this stage we develop the logic behind the brand and visualize how it may be presented to the target audience. This is a time to branch out and explore how the brand may be implemented without restrictions which may be placed on the project later. Our creative approach allows us to break free from conventional models, often providing us with unique solutions to present a brand in a totally new and effective manner.
  4. Concepting
    This is when the abstract concepts and ideas come to life as we determine the look and feel. Visual mock-ups will be created and presented, allowing the client to choose between potential directions. The branded materials will be refined during this time and imagery will be collected and created for final use.
  5. Implementation
    One direction will be selected or modified as the design language is nailed down to cover every detail. Creative Slice will work directly with necessary vendors, preparing all materials to ensure a successful end result.