Our creative services help organizations present themselves professionally to the world.

Creative Slice is a “green” branding and web development design firm that delivers a fully integrated cycle of high performance internet business solutions. With core capabilities of creating and maintaining powerful, innovative websites and branding programs for over 100 worldwide clients since 2003, Creative Slice’s business components also include e-commerce and social media programs.

Working with a team of dedicated professionals, Creative Slice’s Owner/Creative Director Tim Bowen brings together creative thinking, smart ideas and emerging technologies to all client projects.

Focusing on building a client’s success, Creative Slice works as a business partner in creating new solutions for client opportunities as they arise.

Creative Slice supports and empowers all aspects of client relationships and we’re available per hire for parts of a project or just as a direction and how-to consultant. We charge an hourly rate depending on the topic and we’re available via phone, Skype, email or even in person for a face to face consultation. In the past we’ve offered consulting sessions on the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Improving WordPress loading speed
  • WordPress Multisite & BuddyPress integration
  • WordPress theme building
  • Google Apps integration
  • Security breach patching
  • E-Commerce troubleshooting