Creative Slice Team

The talented designers and developers we work with.

  • Tim BowenTucson, Arizona
    Principal + Creative Director
  • Carol Blomstrand – Tucson, Arizona
    Social Media Expert
  • Tone BransonCincinnati, Ohio
    Illustration and Graphic Design
  • Scarlett Coley - New York City
    User Interface Design, Strategy and Branding
  • Sam DeVoreTucson, Arizona
    Programming and E-Commerce Development
  • Monty Edmonds - Tucson, Arizona
    3d Modeling, E-Learning & Motion Graphics
  • Dennis FesenmyerTucson, Arizona
    Branding and Layout Design
  • Brian GunzenhauserLancaster, Pennsylvania
    CSS Developer & E-Learning
  • Ian JohnsonTucson, Arizona
    Programming and Development
  • Russ Rotondi - Portland, Oregon
    Branding and Layout Design
  • Jacob SnyderNew York City
    Layout Design, SEO & Development
  • Nate StoneGray, Maine
    Programming and Development
  • Josh WilliamsTucson, Arizona
    XHTML, CSS and WordPress Development
  • Monte WorkmanTucson, Arizona
    Illustration, Flash Motion & Graphic Design
  • Gary Wong – New York City
    Layout and Graphic Design

We are always looking for talented designers and programmers to work with us on new projects. While we are based in Tucson (and would love to find more talented designers and programmers here) we work with contractors from across the US and have found that location is not an issue.

If you are interested in working with Creative Slice please send an email with a few website examples (we don’t look at resumes or PDF’s) of your work to:

talent (at) creativeslice (dot) com